Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sporadic Stuff

Life is just sporadic right now. Been deeply ingrained in the hurry and get everything done phase and just now entering the sit around and wait stage. So here I am catching my breath and updating a bit.

We have survived packing out, living with aloha furniture, visits from Daughter 1 and Remi, Tita, Mom and Dad, Bradda 2 and Jan, a family reunion of about 100 Nonakas, another series of seizures from Emi, departure of previously mentioned family members, departure of Daughter 2 (permanent) and The Cat (temporary), returning aloha furniture, shipping hold baggage, shipping one car, getting Emi to vet/boarding, staying at the beach in Ewa, picking up Emi, moving into TLF, passing final inspection of previously mentioned house, and welcoming our newest Nonaka clan member! (Keoni was born healthy and lovely this morning! She's gorgeous!)

2012-06-19 13.23.53

Oh did I mention I added some art work? 


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